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It is a lonely body, uncertain, deprived of the support of the community, that Bérénice

Dupuis explores in intrusMENTAL. In an uninhabited space, a body abandoned in the semi-darkness is slowly bathed in a light that reveals both a desire for rectitude and the difficulty of carrying alone the weight of an existence called upon to justify itself, to define its own benchmarks, to demonstrate authenticity. As if, even when we were alone, the others were still there. Our community was always in the monologue of our head. Bérénice drew on both her career as a dancer - strongly marked by breakdancing - and her studies of philosophy to develop, often at ground level, a gesture that sometimes seems to escape her, as if the movement obeyed a foreign will, dehumanized. Between control and tension, fall and recovery, a question arises: what if the light came from others?

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