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Videodance 10 min

Kafka disco

How do we balance our need for others with our quest for freedom? Four performers open the poetic valves of breakdance, letting in softness, fluidity, and partnering work. The mutual aid and collaboration that emerge at first only turn into an alienating organization. In a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, the driving force of the group moves from symbiosis to a nest of vipers to cogs in the machine, a new entity reigning over its parts like a stern ruler, evoking a sea monster who carries individuals away to accomplish its own agenda: the Leviathan.


Some Review:

Jennifer Allen

"I love the oddness and unexpectedness of this, bringing in different movement styles: capoeira, club dance, improvisation. A dadaist relationship to natural organisms that creatively moves from natural to more urban/ formal landscapes. Diverse in so many good ways. It forefronts the strength of community".

Omri Drumlevich

"The film has whimsical ideas and a fun progression".

Codirecting Vickie Grondin and Do Phan Hoi

Artistic direction Vickie Grondin

Video, camera, cinematography, colourization and editing Do Phan Hoi

Cocreation of the choreography and performance Bérénice “B-Nice” Dupuis and David “Laos” Phiphak/Compagnie Circul’R

Screenplay Bérénice Dupuis

Choreographic assistance Joe Danny Aurélien

Performance Joe Danny Aurélien, Charles Gao

Rehearsal direction and outside eye Geneviève Gagné, Helen Simard, Victoria Mackenzie, Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep

Lighting design and stage management for the Espace Vert theatre Tiffanie Boffa

Stage props and costume design Cassandre Brillant

Music and sound mixing Samuel “Sungprod” Nadai

Extras Ana Apostolova, Japp Bang, Sarah Buono-Fredette, Jennifer Casimir, Eloïse Caza, Rupert Common, Krystina Dejean, Emilie Demers, Angella Doré, Romain Gailhaguet, Xavier Harbour, Regis Leray, Angélique Laroque, Jonas Napoleon, Duc Nguyen Huu, Vanessa Ocama, Sebastien Patterson, Pascale Rabaraona, Karim Riahi, Ariana Rodrigez Pereira, Richard Savann, Guy-Emmanuel Septier, Nadine Sylvestre, Romeo Viltard

Production management Julie Deschênes

Set photography Vickie Grondin

This dance video is a production of Tangente in collaboration with SIT Scènes Interactives Technologiques and 100Lux.

This dance video was produced with the technological and technical support of SIT Scènes Interactives Technologiques.

The video was shot in Boisé de Carignan, on Île Sainte-Hélène, and in Espace Vert at ÉDIFICE WILDER – Espace danse.


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