zones de confluences

In a world which isolates the agents, “Zones de Confluences” uses the metaphorological metaphor to move ineffable relations, unspeakable influences which animate our relations, as if it emerged, without our knowledge of these complex collective systems, an independent monster which had a hold on us.



It is a lonely body, uncertain, deprived of the support of the community, that Bérénice

Dupuis explores in intrusMENTAL. In an uninhabited space, a body abandoned in the semi-darkness is slowly bathed in a light that reveals both a desire for rectitude and the difficulty of carrying alone the weight of an existence called upon to justify itself, to define its own benchmarks, to demonstrate authenticity.

Brains in

at Vat

Brains in a Vat follows the fluid and organic movement of the dreams of a man and a woman withdrawn into their hermetic worlds but subject to the same vagaries. As if thought were a form of dance.



The Circul'R company was born in 2013 from the common passion of Bérénice Dupuis and David Phiphak. After more than 28 and 18 years respectively active in the field of international battles, we shared the conviction that breakdance was a revolution in the history of the movement. Thus, our work does not revolve around a fusion of aesthetics but in the deepening of the bases of "floorworks", in order to question them and make them travel. Our creations have stood out in the world of urban and contemporary dance in several countries (Festivals Kalypso (France), TPAM (Japan), Suresnes Cité Danse (France), Jonk! (Sweden), Echo Echo Ireland), Street Perspektif ( Allemangne), Sorry Maman (France), Centro Coregrafico de la Gomera (Spain) and many others.)


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