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Kafka Paradise

How do we balance our need for others with our quest for freedom? Through partnering and group work, four performers explore the poetic potential of breakdance, into which they inject softness and fluidity. The collaboration that first develops becomes more and more alienating. In a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, the dancers achieve symbiosis before turning into a nest of vipers, then becoming cogs in a machine from which a new being emerges.

Kafka Disco

Four performers open the poetic valves of breakdance in a videodance, letting in softness, fluidity, and partnering work. The mutual aid and collaboration that emerge at first only turn into an alienating organization. In a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, the driving force of the group moves from symbiosis to a nest of vipers to cogs in the machine, a new entity reigning over its parts like a stern ruler.



It is a lonely body, uncertain, deprived of the support of the community, that Bérénice

Dupuis explores in intrusMENTAL. In an uninhabited space, a body abandoned in the semi-darkness is slowly bathed in a light that reveals both a desire for rectitude and the difficulty of carrying alone the weight of an existence called upon to justify itself, to define its own benchmarks, to demonstrate authenticity.

Brains in

at Vat

Brains in a Vat follows the fluid and organic movement of the dreams of a man and a woman withdrawn into their hermetic worlds but subject to the same vagaries. As if thought were a form of dance.



As practitioners of breaking for 20 and 30 years respectively, we delve into the sensations of this urban dance as both a cathartic and choreographic medium. Whether engaged in organic partner work inspired by nature or expressing all-too-human characters, we reimagine breakdancing to explore the waltz of human emotions. Beyond the performance, as breakers, we not only investigate the art of creating breaking choreographies but also aim to have a voice in the legitimization institutions of the art world. Steering clear of artifice, we strive for each movement to open doors to metaphors, exploring the narrative this dance weaves about the contemporary world and its philosophical response to the urban environment that birthed it. A gesture, for us, speaks a thousand words

 Our creations have stood out in the world of urban and contemporary dance in several countries (Festivals Kalypso (France), TPAM (Japan), Suresnes Cité Danse (France), Jonk! (Sweden), Echo Echo Ireland), Street Perspektif ( Allemangne), Désolé Maman (France), Centro Coregrafico de la Gomera (Spain) ,  in Canada ( Tangente, 100Lux, B-Side, Yukon's Cypherfest, Festival de Danse Contemporaine de Sherbrooke, Maison de la Culture de Rosemont.) and in the USA ( Opine Dance Film Festival,  Flatlands Dance Film Festival). 


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