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The duo “Sans Paroles” stages a duel between two universes articulated by two types of languages, in search of a rare space of expression. Vehicles of matter to think, feel and communicate, the music embodied by the saxophonist and the movement embodied by the dancer transmit to us the difficulty of living together when we inhabit two universes of different senses, in a small and urban space where the private sphere is invaded and where places are scarce. This duo illustrates a journey, the pitfalls of translation and mutual adjustment where each movement too much can lead to estrangement. Through art, unconscious and non-verbal tensions become mastered, appeased. Sometimes sleepwalker, sometimes feline, suspending, surprising and floating Laos promises to win its duel against gravity and to gain the scenic space that the musician also claims. Is our dance a universal language, does it have a meaning? If it is true, as the philosopher JL Austin said, that “saying is doing”, perhaps thought itself is a form of dance?

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