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The Circul'R company, relocated to Montreal in June 2018, was born in 2013 from the common passion of Bérénice Dupuis and David Phiphak. His creations have distinguished themselves in the world of urban and contemporary dance in several countries. After more than 25 and 15 years respectively active in the field of international breakdance battles, our work explores the playing field which revolves around the bases of floorworks from breakdance in order to create a universe open to the senses. .

• September 2013 Residence IADU Paris Villette “Sans Paroles” solo by David
• October 2013 Premiere of David's solo Sans Paroles at Kalypso CCN Créteil
• January 2014 Without Words to Faces of the World Cergy
• May - June 2015: Residency in Micadanses (gestural research) Paris
• October 4, 2015: Worksite exit as part of the Harvest Festival - Suresnes.
• From October 26 to November 12, 2015: Residency presentation and mediation at the Manufacture - Aurillac
• November solo David “Sans Paroles” Manufacture 111 Paris
• January 2016 solo “Sans Paroles” Suresnes Cité Danse.
• February - April 2016: Centquatre Paris technical residency and presentation of Brains in a Vat
• Cité Danses Connexions Théatre Jean Vilar Suresnes, studio reception March 2016.
• March 2016 RamDam Vauréal solo festival “The Cave” Bérénice
• September-October 2016 Residence and mediation Jönköping, Sweden
• October 2016 Brains in a Vat at the Jonk Festival! and workshops with Dansnat in Sweden.
• October 14 and 15, 2016 Brains in a Vat at La Place Center culture Hip Hop Paris France.
• November 2016: Brains in a Vat at the Echo Echo Festival Derry Irelande
• December January 2016 Lighting laboratory at IADU Paris Vilette
• February 2017: solo stage of The Cave AT TPAM Yokohama Japan.
• Brains in a Vat at the Sorry Maman festival at Mains d'euvres Sains Ouen on March 11, 2017.
• Extract from Brains in a Vat Festival Ramdam Vauréal March 25, 2017
• Brains in a Vat Festival Street Perspektif - Raum Für Urbane Tanzkunst Cologne Germany April 28-29, 2017.
• Summer 2017 MAI Montreal Residence.
• October holidays Residence and mediation Ville d'Avray.
• November 24, 2017 Brains in a Vat long version MPT Ville d'Avray.
• December 1 Brains in a Vat off Parcours Danse Montréal
• February 2018 technical residency and presentation at 104 Paris Solo the Cave
• March 2018 Residence Centro Coregrafico La Gomera Canary Islands
• Summer 2018 Residency at MAI Montreal
• March 2019 Residence and public presentation and mediation Studios Dyptik Saint-Étienne France
• Summer 2019 Residence studio Flak Montreal
• January 2020 First Solo InstruMENTAL Tangente.
• May 2020 Premiere of Zones de Confluences at Accès Asie Montréal

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