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Kafka Paradise


How do we balance our need for others with our quest for freedom? Through partnering and group work, four performers explore the poetic potential of breakdance, into which they inject softness and fluidity. The collaboration that first develops becomes more and more alienating. In a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, the dancers achieve symbiosis before turning into a nest of vipers, then becoming cogs in a machine from which a new being emerges. Ruling sternly over its parts.

40 min or short version available



Cocreation of the choreography and performance:

Bérénice “B-Nice” Dupuis and David “Laos” Phiphak/Compagnie Circul’R


Jo Danny “Dingo” Aurélien, Charles “Mercenary” Gao

Rehearsal direction and outside eye:

Geneviève “Tonik” Gagné

Lighting design:

Tiffanie Boffa


Samuel “Sungprod” Nadai

Outside eyes:

Victoria “VicVersa” Mackenzie, Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep, Helen Simard

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